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Welcome to the new Ratster! The Ratster is a worldwide listing of rodent breeders and rescuers indexed by their location and has been redesigned as a Wiki to allow for ongoing member editing and new member additions to the listing. This site includes a prefix page which is an alphabetical listing (by prefix) of breeders around the world including past names and locations the breeder may have had. Ratteries do not have to have a Ratster listing to be included on the prefix page. The Ratster does not allow for duplicate names or prefixes to its listing. Please be sure to come up with your own unique name and prefix before registering- you will be unable to register duplicates with the new Ratster Wiki. You will find this to be the most complete prefix listing of its kind anywhere. The new Ratster Wiki will also bring back the breeder specialties listing page and a rodent-friendly veterinarian listing page.

The inclusion of any site in the Ratster is not an endorsement of the site or its contents or an endorsement of the practices of any individual by this site's owner or Phoenix Gate Rattery. If you choose to do business with a member listed here, please check carefully first to be sure they are reputable, knowledgeable and care for their animals in, at the very least, a humane and responsible manner. Once you have gotten your new rodents, if you already have rodents at home, quarantine the new ones.

This site is now maintained by its members, but is paid for out of personal funds of dedicated fellow rattery owners. There may be a donation request aid with this upkeep in the future, but it should be made clear that is and will never be any cost whatsoever to be listed. We wanted to create the most complete and comprehensive information source of its type. . . and we think that this is now the most effective method of reaching this goal.We hope you find it helpful, and we hope you'll continue keep your information current!

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Adding a new listing or editing a current listing:

To be included in the Ratster, please select the Register/Maintain Your Listing below and follow the new entry steps to adding your new listing by creating your own individual login. You will then be sent a confirmation email to complete your new member registration. Once you have confirmed you are a real person, you can then sign on with your registered username and password to add your new listing and then edit your current listing as needed. If a new site/entry is found to be inappropriate for audiences of all ages, the breeder appears to be selling feeders, and they appear to not be caring for their breeding animals as they do pets-in a legal, ethical and humane manner then it will be flagged for review and can be taken off the listing by the site's administrators. To edit you current listing with us, either select the Register/Maintain Your Listing below, or simply login to your account using the Log in link above.

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